Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mike and Kathy interview

Our third interview was with Mike and Kathy who were on vacation. We met up with them in City Market. After the inquiry Jonathan transcribed the interview and then I, Lisa, created a diagram of all the information that we discovered from them.

Through synthesis of their information, a key issue we found was during separation, the couples missed out on experiences. Kathy told us a story about how she saw a naked cowboy on the streets of New York. This was a moment that normally they would have enjoyed to laugh about together, but since Mike was not with her, she felt that he had missed out. She expressed “the naked cowboy reminded her of her husband.”


Major takeaways:
  • Communicate once a day.
  • They separate for more than a couple days three to four times a year.
  • They try to walk together three miles a day.
  • Read the morning paper together.
  • Enjoy shopping when on vacation at the local stores.
  • They finish each others sentences
  • She falls asleep when he is driving because she feels safe.
  • He feels Johnny Depp has good style and she like Jennifer Aniston’s style.


  • They don’t walk when the other is gone.
  • Their sleeping routines change, becomes harder for them to fall asleep.
  • They are unable to share experiences when they are separated that together they would enjoy.


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