Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wilbur Thomas Interview

Lisa interviewed her father Wilbur over the phone and then created a digram of what he talked about and created a list of takeaways and breakdowns.

Wilbur gave us some useful insight about technology stating that, ”technology is only as useful as the people that understand it, use it frequently, and maintain it.” Meaning that there needs to be an active effort involved to use technology, and it is a commitment. One must learn how to use it, keep using it in order to master it, and take care of it to maintain its full potential. This presents the question: Why does the relationship with our technology have to be a devoted commitment? Why do we even establish this technological relationship? Why can’t a gadget simply be a part of the user, and enhance their human-to-human relationships? Wilbur also expressed frustration when describing communicating with his wife via cell phone. He said, ”the cell phone is a pain sometimes, when trying to contact Marcy because her phone is not always on, in service, or with her, she always leaves it in the car.” This shows how cell phones are an inconsistent guessing game when trying to make contact.



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