Monday, May 02, 2005

Final Concept/ Design Freeze

Our final design concept has an alternating rhythmic form that enables it to nest within its matching reversed form. It consists of five nodes that each has an independent function. The middle node is an LCD screen displaying images sent wirelessly, through “Bluetooth” technologies. One of the exterior nodes houses the battery that powers this device. The opposite exterior node houses all of the technical components that fuel this device. One of the adjacent interior nodes consist of a camera lens that constantly records images until the user specifically shoots an image by gently grasping each side of the lens node, which uses "touch sensitive" technology. Having the user touch both sides of the unit to take pictures of a scene, will leave no room for accidental picture taking. The device must be engaged on both sides to close the circuit, anything else that touches only one end will not trigger the device. The last node houses the scent palette that emits one of five odors chosen by the owner of the device indicating an incoming image from their significant other.


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