Monday, May 02, 2005

Sketch Models

We tested 3 different low-fidelity sketch models on a variety of wrist sizes. This will allow us to make the correct adjustments to accommodate all wrist sizes. The first model was our crudest form, a rectangular piece of paper, 7.75 inches in length, with the outline of the bracelet. This allowed us to test the circumference of the bracelet. Our next model is of the cut out form, with a camera lens placed in the middle of one node. By doing this we could get a sense of how the user would use the camera, and which angels are most efficient for viewing. We decreased it .25 of an inch to make it an even 7.5 inches. We did not find this a problem on the larger wrists. The third model is cut out as well, but we added realistic features like color, imagery, and aroma holes to further test the placement of the camera lens and get an idea of it's aesthetics. The outer blue line on the third sketch model represents a glowing light.


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