Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Research Direction

We then created a visual diagram of how all the terms were related. After creating the diagram and finding relationships, we discovered that all of our core terms were connected through experiences, or an experience. So we used the idea of an experience and then considered when experiences failed.

This is a picture of Lisa and Jonathan while we where interpreting our own definitions from multiple definitions we found in the dictionary.

Problem statement: when people are separated from significant others because there is a loss of connection. As a result, shared experiences and routines suffer.

An example of this is one of my co-workers when I interned at Electrolux would call his wife at least eight times if not more during the work day to talk about things that to others seemed juvenile. Once his wife called to tell him that she was standing next to a dog, and how she proceeded to pet it. Often things like pet names and cutie baby talk could be heard from the person sitting next to him.


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