Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Triba interview

For our first interview we scheduled to meet with Triba at work when her husband was coming in to visit her. He works for Delta Airlines is and is frequently traveling. Unfortunately he was unable to show up but we were still able to perform a contextual inquiry with Triba.

Key points that we discovered from her interview were:

  • Her husband usually contacts her once a day, when he just arrives from a flight and/or at night when he is in a hotel room and Triba and the kids are at home.
  • She misses him only when she gets off work because her routine changes. She has to leave work early to pick up the kids compared to when he is there he picks them up.
  • When they go on vacation together as a family they try to leave the house so it looks like someone is home. Garbage, mail.
  • They also tend to over pack because of the kids on vacations.
  • The children get sad when their father is not there because they are used to routine, and when the father isn’t home they get sad. Triba has to pick the kids up from school later than the father would because she has to leave early from work.
  • Triba does not feel as safe when her husband is gone; she checks the doors are locked twice for example.
  • When the husband is gone it is harder to run quick errands like running to the store because she has to get all the kids ready and in the car.
  • The older you get the less important it is to dress yourself than your kids. What she wears is not as important to her as it was 10 years ago.
  • If an emergency where to occur a cell phone call to him would be her first reaction.
  • When he is home the family orders pizza on Friday bights and plays games, but when her husband is gone they do not.
  • She thinks that her husband relaxes in the hotel and orders food in.

Technology she uses:

  • Home Dell PC
  • Cell phone
  • Watch sometimes, uses phone to tell time

After the interview, Triba mentioned she had a neighbor whose husband went over to Iraq. She could tell that he was gone because of the lawn, the husband kept it so well manicured that when he left she didn’t have time to do the same. We asked her if we could get in touch with her neighbor so she gave them my cell phone number but we never received a call.


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