Monday, May 02, 2005

Personas and Scenarios

Persona 1:

Diana (30) and Mike (30) Tomfitch

  • Hip, trendy, Urban married couple
  • Very "active"
  • Occupations: Mike is a Sports agent, and Diana is a Law student.
  • Couple Activities: Outdoor water sports, Mountain biking, Tennis, Picnics
  • Daily routines include: brushing teeth their teeth in the morning together, reading different sections of the morning newspaper, morning coffee, exercising, "spooning" at night before they fall asleep
  • Weekend Activities: Going out to high class bars, movies, restaurants, throwing mini-parties with close friends.

Persona 2:

Lee Fong and Julia Pi

  • Occupations: Lee is Graduate student and does freelance designing for money, Julia is a Marketing associate for IKEA
  • Engaged to be married, waiting until Lee graduates
  • Couple Activities: Feeding ducks at the park, jogging, going to coffee shops, photography, shopping
    Daily routines include: Julia has to wake Lee up every morning, watering their herb garden, checking their E-mail, and other online tasks, cooking dinner over "Jeopardy"
  • Weekend Activities: Going out to dance clubs, house-hunting, test driving fast cars, day trips to the beach, eating out at Thai food restaurants

Diana and Mike's Scenario:


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