Friday, May 20, 2005

Final Model Creation

Focus: Using CAD modeling, execute a precise photorealistic model representing our concept through color, form, texture, materials, and context.

For this phase of the project we spent a total of 45 hours refining, modeling, and branding our design. We chose to go with a sleek, and simple aesthetic to give our form an overall quality and modern appeal. After a brief brainstorming session, we decided to call this product "Embrace." Embrace standing for the "bracelets" fitting together, and representing its users, who embrace one another.

Incorporating a variety of colors into our design was one of our initial intents. Before, we wanted to give the consumer a choice between different colored bands. After further development, we decided that too much color interferes and overwhelms the elegance of the form. Instead, we incorporated color into certain features of the design such as the glowing lights outlined on the edge. Emphasizing features through color allows the user to personalize their bracelets to their own unique,and individual styles and/or fashions.

We built and rendered our model using Alias Studio Tools, and Photoshop for a more finished look. Physically building this model would have been ideal, the actual size, and intricate details of Embrace would have been difficult to construct accurately. CAD modeling allowed us to construct the model to scale with details and features that glow through strategic lighting placement.


Anonymous Dad said...

Embrace seems to be a winner to me
where or when can I get one. Dad

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a complete jewelry fanatic - I would definitely buy that bracelet. Laura J

11:59 AM  
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